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Quaint Curios aims to please. We provide unique authentic African Batiks that you can browse from the comfort of your home. African Batiks are such a delight to liven and inspire on a simple gaze whilst up on any room in your home.
African Masks
Global, Tribal & African Masks - historically, masks have defined us, defied us, and thoroughly beguiled us! Masks provide a window into the soul of a culture, and provide us with great conversation pieces for the home. Bring the faces depicted in myth and legend into your daily lives with this stunning selection of masks from around the world.
African Member of the Better Business Bureau art sculpture portraying animals and people in both realistic and abstract form. The pieces are all one of a kind, carved using different types of stone such as serpentine, verdite, springstone, African butter jade and rapoko, an African term for soapstone used by indigenous carvers throughout the world.
Carvings & Sculptures
African art constitutes one of the most diverse legacies on earth. Though many casual observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is full of people, societies, and civilizations, each with a unique visual special culture. The definition also includes the art of the African Diasporas, such as the art of African Americans. Despite this diversity, there are some unifying artistic themes when considering the totality of the visual culture from the continent of Africa.
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The African Tribal Decorative Wall Mask Set features brilliant colors, bold designs, and geometric patterns that will capture your imagination and carry you away to the wilds of Africa.  

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Nubian Princess Batik Painting Capture the vibrant beauty of an African princess; detailed masterfully in this hand-crafted batik painting. 10" X 18". Made in Kenya. AC-B222 

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This Maasai warrior couple is a fun and unique way to add a touch of Africa to your home. Crafted from highest quality wood: they are a fabulous means of sharing the wealth and dignity of Africa. Buy a pair for your home today! 24" tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC618

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Explore your exotic side This 8" Massai Mask gives your home that touch of mystery and ethnicity that you've always wanted. Completely hand-carved in Kenya, and hand-painted. Color varies slightly on each mask.   

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Clean water is essential for life, but one in eight of the world's population does not have access to it.  This, and lack of safe sanitation,

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